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    Oxygen therapy can relieve the symptoms of diabetes

    來源:Beijing Gaoxin Huakang Technology Co., Ltd 發布時間:2014-01-16 查看次數: 60

        (1)Oxygen increase the blood oxygen content, aerobic metabolism, glucose consumption increase, blood sugar can therefore decreases;

      (2)Oxygen increase aerobic metabolism in the body, increased formation of adenosine triphosphate, can promote the islet function recovery;

      (3)Oxygen increase blood physical dissolved oxygen, oxygen to all parts of the body, to correct hypoxia, a series of complications caused by hypoxia.

    Have medical researchers to pure oxygen, a group of people with diabetes to observe the change of blood glucose and urine sugar after oxygen.

    Specific means is: patients daily oxygen (90% oxygen concentration above medical oxygen) 2-4 times, each time 1 to 2 hours, traffic identified as 2 litres/minute, after three weeks of observation, significantly lower blood sugar, urine sugar, some even return to normal, symptoms significantly decreased at the same time. Long-term application did not see any side effects.

      Note:Diabetes treatment to achieve the best curative effect, it is best to diet ,with oxygen cure and drug treatment.

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