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    Oxygen cure insomnia

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    1.The dangers of insomnia

       Sleep is essential for anyone, it is of vital important physiological functions.If insomnia, it has enormous influence on the damage to the  body:

     (1)In terms of mental activity, such as feeling fatigue, poor concentration, memory, unresponsive, emotionally unstable, easily excited or emotional indifference, to lose interest in the external environment; 

    (2)Actions become coarse, busy, lack of coherent;

    (3) The body discomfort, such as appear giddy, blurred vision, tinnitus is hard of hearing;

    (4)Immunity, easy to get sick and invalid, if poor sleep, the disease will increase step by step.

    2.  There are many kinds of insomnia.

    3.There are many causes of insomnia

    4.The significance of oxygen therapy in patients with insomnia  

     Through the oxygen, improve sleep quality, relieve insomnia

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